When you first start thinking of possible places for a free hookup, the first thought is about the Asian part of the world. Nonetheless, you should take a closer look at European countries. Of course, they are more expensive but there are some exceptions as well.

So, take a closer look at Europe

Many European countries have a lot of things to offer if you come from afar. For example, you would never be able to find so many countries located extremely close to each. This allows you to see almost all of them if you have a bit more time and extra money.

Moreover, hooking up in Europe is a pretty good idea for several reasons. First of all, a lot of European girls are into a hookup culture. It means that they do not mind having a one-night stand themselves. Additionally, you have a wide choice of types of females. Every one of them looks unique because it is a different country even though it is located like 200km from the one you are in.

So, make sure to read the article up to the end in order to find out what European countries are the best for a free hookup. Of course, we are not going to cover every single one of them, only the most suitable for hookups ones. You will also learn about some hookup peculiarities in some of them. If you have never been to this part of the world, you need to fix this as soon as possible.

Hooking up in Western Europe

It is worth starting the first paragraph by mentioning Western European countries. Certainly, many of them are too expensive for the majority of tourists, but they are still the most visited ones. For example, countries like Germany, UK, France, and the Netherlands are extremely popular among sex tourists.

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These states are not only super liberal but also have great opportunities for all kinds of tourists. Therefore, you should definitely choose one of the above-mentioned countries to start your acquaintance with this part of Europe.

German hookups

This country seems to be created exactly for a free hookup. Local girls embrace this culture as it has been with them forever. They rarely make you wait for more than one day before they get laid with you. Besides, this country has all other attributes for a successful hookup.

You are going to enjoy a huge choice of nightclubs, alcoholic festivals, and liberal lifestyle in general. Besides, some regions of Germany are not that expensive as many people expect them to be. So, you should not spend too much time hanging out in the capital city, Berlin. Instead of that, make your way somewhere to the South to find your free hookup there.

Quick hookups in Britain

Britain is not that popular among sex tourists who have no experience. However, those who know how to pick up women easily, usually go there to see something new. In addition, this country is extremely expensive if you are not from around there.

Make sure to bring as much money as possible if you want to stay there at least for two weeks or more. In general, British women are starting to embrace a free hookup thing with strangers. They are not into this completely yet but they are working on it.

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Besides, a lot of British ladies are stunningly beautiful and some foreign males even want to marry one of them. So, your one-night stand can become something bigger than you imagine.

Easy hookups in France

This place is known for being the capital of love. However, it is not just a silly stereotype as many people suggest nowadays. French girls do not mind getting laid if a man knows how to woo them at least for one evening. Besides, the nightlife in France is absolutely wild. Everyone is going to find what to do there during any night.

As a rule, French females are extremely cute and attractive. This makes thousands of men come to visit this country just to get in bed with one of them. Some men are getting turned on even more when local girls speak French. You may be one of them who has such a fetish.

Casual sex in the Netherlands

You surely have heard that this country is one of the most liberal ones in the entire world. It is completely true because local people have the rights some people cannot even dream of. This also concerns having a free hookup with everyone you want.

For comparison, some people may start judging you if you get in bed with a random person in Eastern European countries. However, it is never going to happen in the Netherlands for sure. Letting alone the fact that you are allowed to smoke weed anywhere you want. This definitely shows you the real priorities of the country.

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Mentioning the nightlife in the Netherlands, you should know that you can go wherever you want. Hundreds of nightclubs, bars, and discos are at your service. Pick any you consider worthy and make your way there. The majority of them are not that expensive, especially if you do not buy too many drinks there.

Hooking up in Southern Europe

This part of Europe is what you need if you are looking for warmer weather. As a rule, people combine their hookup desires with a good opportunity to sunbathe and relax there. The most well-known Southern European countries are Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal.

Every one of the above-mentioned states is good for both sex tourism and simple traveling. Besides, they are not that expensive in comparison with the countries in Western Europe.

Getting laid in Spain

This country is known for its warm year almost during any time of the year. Moreover, people choose Spain as a destination for a free hookup because local girls are getting into it. They do not really care whom to sleep with when they actually want this.

Additionally, Spain is perfect for wild nightlife. You will be able to find a nightclub satisfying all your wishes. Besides, there are dozens of worthy beaches in Spain. In general, this is a great country for casual sex if you do not want to spend too much money.

Italian hookup

Making your way to Italy is a good choice if you are looking for a more expensive alternative to Spain. These countries are quite similar in many aspects. However, Italy is definitely more expensive, especially if you stay in the capital or somewhere around.

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Everything that concerns a free hookup is pretty much fine and easily accessible. You will notice that hot Italian women are everywhere. They do not mind flirting or petting with you almost right away as you get acquainted. Make sure to use this to your advantage because Italian girls are stunningly good in bed.

Random hookups in Greece

You should probably go to Greece if you are looking for a free hookup with almost no money spent on your housing. It means that almost any Greek city is quite cheap. Besides, the weather there is absolutely amazing almost during any time of the year.

In all other aspects, Greece is totally fine as well. Local women do not mind getting in bed with a stranger, especially if you come from a highly developed country. You cannot say that Greece is very popular and beloved among foreign sex tourists but this definitely deserves your attention.

What’s with hookups in Portugal

This country is not that known for a good opportunity to find a free hookup. At the same time, it is literally created for this. Portugal just needs more attention in this part of their culture. In general, local women are starting to accept hookup culture more and more.

In addition, Portugal is quite cheap and it is worth visiting it if you find yourself in Spain, for example. Not mentioning the fact that the weather there is totally fine for both casual sex anywhere you want and partying all night long. You will find what to do with yourself no problems at all for sure.

One can only hope that Portugal will become more popular among sex tourists throughout the world. It definitely deserves more attention despite some small disadvantages if we compare this country to Western European ones.

Hooking up in Eastern Europe

This part of Europe is both beloved and kind of hated at the same time. For instance, a lot of males consider Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus the best countries for a free hookup. It is connected with quite cheap prices and stunningly beautiful girls as well.

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Many people advise visiting Eastern European countries for an easy hookup. However, it is not that simple if you do not know that much about the local people’s mentality. Therefore, make sure to read about right now.

Get laid with Russian women

It may seem like a dream for many males from around the world. Thousands of them want to see what it feels like to have sex with a Russian lady. There are a lot of stereotypes and rumors around females from this country. Nonetheless, it is pretty difficult to get to Russia. Not many men are ready to spend too much time handling the paperwork.

Finally, if you manage to do this, you are surely going to get a free hookup in cities like Moscow or Saint Petersburg. It happens because females who live there are more westernized. They do not see anything bad about having sex with a stranger, especially if you come from the USA or Europe.

Ukrainian hookups

This country is actually considered the best if you want to meet and hookup a beautiful lady. Of course, there are a lot of them in Russia and Belarus as well but Ukraine wins the race. You are going to see girls looking like models every time you go outside on the street.

Besides, Ukraine is making its way to becoming more westernized. This helps hookup Ukrainian women, as they accept this new part of their culture just fine. So, you should definitely visit Ukraine just to enjoy local girls and cheap prices as well.

Find a free hookup in Belarus

Belarus is like a mixture of Russia and Ukraine. It may a bit difficult to get laid there because local people still tend to follow their old traditions concerning family values. In addition, many of them are sure that sex is allowed only after you get married.

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At the same time, you will easily find tons of young Belarusian girls willing to have a free hookup with a foreigner. It will be easy to do in huge cities like Minsk or Gomel. The prices there are also extremely cheap and acceptable in comparison with other countries in Europe.

Hooking up in Northern Europe

To be honest, Northern Europe is not the most common place for a free hookup for several reasons. First of all, it is extremely expensive and not many people can afford it. Secondly, local females are modern but not really into a hookup culture in general.

Therefore, you can try to get laid in Northern European countries but this may turn out to be quite challenging. In addition, it is difficult to understand the local females’ mentality, especially if you are there for the first time. Countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are definitely great but not for hookups.

If you want to see the actual difference between having sex in Northern Europe and somewhere else, you are more than welcome to go there. At the same time, you should not have too high expectations since this place is created for other things.

The vast majority of ladies, even those who are young, are difficult to approach, especially if they are with their friends or simply on the street. They are constantly in a hurry and busy. That is why you need to take this into account when you see a beautiful woman who seems open to your approach.

Final hookups tips

It is impossible to claim, which European region is better for a free hookup because it depends on a particular person. Nevertheless, the majority of males are likely to choose Eastern or Western Europe to start with. Everything is about what you like most.

In general, it is advisable to start your hookup journey with the countries where it is cheaper to live. After all, you are going to enjoy the feeling of liberty in Western European countries. Then, you need to decide what encourages you more, as you start looking for a free hookup more actively.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that you are going to understand what countries are good enough exactly for you. If this does not happen after the first trip around Europe, it is definitely going to happen after the second one. That is why make sure to travel all around Europe to see how different it can be even in terms of casual sex.